Hipster Pumpkin Whoopie

Posted on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 at 3:00 pm


I’ve learned recently that the description “hipsters” is not as well known of a term as I’d thought. I thought they were like hippies or beatniks. Everyone knows what a hippy is, right? Hipsters, I’ve come to realize, are somewhat of a Los Angeles phenomenon but exist in most metropolitan areas.

My own observations have led me to the following conclusions:

    –Hipsters like anything with a curly mustache;
    –They love to model Threadless t-shirts;
    Burning Man is their Disneyland;
    –They can’t get enough of ice cream with crazy flavor combinations (ex: pistachio hefeweizen, Lychee Guava, brown bread, etc.);
    –Their favorite foods are tofu that tastes like real meat and Pho that is overly Americanized and probably contains canned broth.

In Los Angeles, the Brite Spot Café is the hipster watering hole. Essentially, hipsters are to the Brite Spot Café as beatniks were to City Lights Bookstore. The Brite Spot doesn’t look special at all from the outside. Inside it looks like a café the Brady Bunch may have visited in the 70’s—lots of wood paneling.

The food is typical diner food plus a whole lot more. Their menu is extensive but stick with the food that’s closest to typical diner food and you’ll be satisfied. I’ve never had anything horribly wrong at the Brite Spot but I’ve never had anything memorable either . . . except for their desserts. The best peanut butter cupcake I’ve ever had was from the Brite Spot. The do cupcake oh-so-very right!

I wanted to see if maybe they had a pumpkin cupcake, so I visited them recently. I guess I haven’t been there in probably a couple of years. They’ve add a new pastry case that is fully stocked with delicious looking treats. Formerly, they were out of cupcakes more than they actually had them in stock. Now they are plentiful.

I was hoping for a pumpkin cupcake but had to settle for a pumpkin whoopie pie. I’m not a huge fan of the whoppie pie-it’s too dense to be cake and too the-opposite-of-dense to be a cookie. This one was good but not one I’d order again. However, the two cupcakes with purchased were delicious.



For those who want to be able to spot a hipster in their natural environment, this is an excellent article on the phenomenon. This article berates those of us who like to make fun of hipsters.

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  1. Lynn says:

    You forgot about how much they love American Apparel and home brewing.

    So what were the cupcake flavors?

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